You’ll Be LIVID When You See What the Obamas Did This Week


The Obama family is just finishing their luxurious vacation on the resort island of Bali in Indonesia. Former President Barack Obama left our country a financial mess when he got booted out of the White House, how nice it is that his family can enjoy the finer things in life while we all struggle.

Barack Obama, his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama and their two privileged daughters, Malia and Sasha flew on a private jet to the city’s military airport in Indonesia. Air Vice Marshal Novyan Samyoga stated that massive security was being used by the Obama’s when they checked into their fabulously expensive hotel.

The Obama family enjoys taxpayer money on their trip to Indonesia – Watch video here:

Samyoga said not only did Secret Service agents arrive with the Obama family, approximately 650 Indonesian security forces were deployed to work for the family while they were enjoying their vacation. Barack Obama looked right at home since he actually lived in Indonesia when he was six years old with his mother, Ann Dunham.

The Obama family was seen visiting all the hot tourist spots, including green rice terraces, a museum, the Hindu temple of Prambanan, and has been invited to the Bogor Palace by President Jokowi Widodo. The citizens of the United States are hard at work, 60-70 hours a week, and he’s enjoying a palace on the taxpayer’s dime.

Obama arrives with a ridiculous amount of security vehicles for his luxurious vacation – Watch video here:

Obama put such strict policies into practice while he was in office that young people are finding it hard to get a job and leaving the economy in such a mess has made it hard for companies to retain the employees they have. Thankfully, President Donald Trump is a shrewd business man and he will be able to dig us out of the hole that Obama put us in.