Yoga Mom Wears White Pants to “Bleed Freely” – Reminder of Why Liberals are Nasty!

Liberals are now trying to “normalize” period blood by wearing white pants and “bleeding freely.”

Jade Beall, a mother based in Tucson, Arizona, took to Instagram earlier this year to share a photo of herself bleeding freely through her white pants.

In the accompanying caption, the photographer, who has in the past captured the unedited beauty of women’s bodies to encourage them to embrace their appearances, explained how women are told on a daily basis that their bodies’ natural functions are distasteful.

‘This self portrait is a diagram of how the world reminds me every single day how gross I am,’ she wrote.

She also highlighted how people tend to think of menstrual blood as taboo, although they have no problem with other kinds of blood being displayed in different settings.

‘Menstrual blood is gross. (But violent and gory bloody movies are normal),’ she added.

She isn’t the first woman to do this. As we previously reported, a group of progressives recently decided to throw on white yoga pants and go perform their usual fitness routine. That would be perfectly and socially acceptable except for the fact that they also made the decision to go “free bleeding” at the same time to prove a point.

I understand the point these women are trying to make but allow me to offer a counterpoint; urination is also a perfectly normal and healthy bodily function but that doesn’t mean I want to see people do it in public. Aside from being gross, it’s unsanitary and dangerous.

While liberals feel that free bleeding is empowering, small children are running around touching the seat you recently vacated and then putting their hands in their mouths because that’s what they do. You’re aiding in the spread of blood-borne diseases. Is that really what you’re willing to risk to prove that you’re not ashamed of your period?

Don’t be nasty.