PHOTOS: Florida Woman Beats Man for Refusing SEX – Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After

Rebecca Lynn Phelps, a 30 year old woman from New Port Richey, Florida has been arrested on a battery charge after she became enraged and allegedly hit a male friend in the face because he refused to have sex with her.


An affidavit reporting the incident states that police officers were sent to Phelps’ home at approximately 2 a.m. after receiving a call about a disturbance.

According to the report Phelps and the male victim had been drinking alcoholic beverages if front of her home and she “started to get mad with the victim because he did not want to have sexual relations with her.” Allegedly Phelps “started to scream and smack the victim.”


Besides the victim’s face, Phelps also scratched at the male’s arm, which was bleeding. When examined Phelps had the victims skin underneath her nails.

When the police questioned Phelps she stated that she did not know why the male was bleeding and that “nothing happened.” An eye witness, who was inside of the home at the time of the attack, told police that he heard the victim yelling, “Please stop hitting me.” The eye witness claims that he also “heard a smack.”

Phelps was subsequently arrested for misdemeanor battery and taken to the county jail. A judge ordered a $500 bond and that Phelps have no further contact with the victim.

Disasters, like Hurricane Irma, leave physical and social environments in disarray and are likely to increase violence, according to the World Health Organization.

The W.H.O reports that “these times of upheaval make it difficult to collect data to compare instances of domestic violence, but the data that exists suggests that natural disasters might spur an uptick in domestic and sexual violence and child abuse.”

Florida authorities will certainly have their hands full, but each case should be taken seriously and dealt with severely.