Whoopi Goldberg Bashes Trump For Calling Manchester Terrorists ‘Evil Losers’ – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

The world was stunned on Monday night when ISIS launched a deadly terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, United Kingdom. At least 22 people were killed and 159 were injured, with many of the victims being young children.

Afterwards, an enraged Donald Trump sent a message directly to ISIS when he called the terrorist group “evil losers.” The reaction was meant to show ISIS that we aren’t messing around anymore, but Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow liberal hosts on The View found Trump’s comments to be offensive.

Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, Twitter users quickly let her know exactly what they thought about her latest politically correct opinion.

Gossip Cop reported that Sunny Hostin was the first to criticize Trump for his reaction, saying that she “just didn’t feel that was presidential enough.” Conservative cohost Jedediah Bila tried to explain that the president was speaking the “language” of his supporters and how people at home may be feeling, but Whoopi interrupted her to try and shut her down.

“I want my president to be one step above. I don’t want them to talk like I would talk,” Whoopi said, going on to race-bait by claiming that Obama was “punished” for being “too articulate” of a president.

Twitter users, however, weren’t having any of Whoopi and her liberal friend’s nonsense:

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