Welfare Thugs Forget They’re in Texas & Burglarize During Hurricane – Get BRUTAL Instant Justice

Those in the gulf coast region of the United States have been bracing themselves for hurricane Harvey for days now.

Hurricane Harvey is expected to have roughly the same force, and the people of Texas aren’t taking any chances. Evacuation, stockpiling and property securing began days ago, and Texas residents are ready to cope with whatever is left in Harvey’s wake. While Texans are braced for an act of God, they’re not looking to take the acts of vandals on the chin. The state of Texas is said to have an average of 7 firearms per household, and that doesn’t change just because of the weather conditions.

There were some criminals looking to take advantage of this traumatizing situation and loot houses in the gulf coast region. This didn’t turn out too well for them. The two incidents that have been reported thus far took place in Corpus Christi and Houston. Both burglars were looking to make a quick buck off of the natural disaster, but ran into their own disaster instead.

Via the Corpus Christi Times:

A man was shot Friday by a homeowner after police say he broke into a Houston home.

About 11 p.m., about an hour after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, police responded to the scene where they found a man who had been shot in the head. According to officers at the scene, the man broke into the residence and was shot by the homeowner.



A second incident occurred when a suspect was shot by a homeowner in Corpus Christi during Hurricane Harvey. Around 3 am, the intruder tried to break into the home and was shot dead.


Burglars might want to think twice before they try to burglarize homes in a state where people are armed and willing to ride out the storm.

While many residents were encouraged to flee the areas expected to take the brunt of the hurricane’s force, many opted to stay and situations like this are part of the reason why. These are two of the incidents that we know of where the home owners were home and willing to take matters into their own hands. We won’t know until after the storm abates how many other homes with residents that weren’t home were vandalized and taken advantage of.