Welfare Leeches Find Out Their Food Stamps Have Been CANCELLED – Watch Their Reaction

While Barack Hussein Obama was a President of the United States, he permitted to millions of citizens to get on welfare and freeload off working folks. Now that Donald Trump is in office, however, these welfare users are learning the hard way that their free rides are over.

According to Mad World News, 1.6 million Georgia residents currently use food stamps, which are funded via federal dollars. When Trump became president, they were given three months to find a job or a training program, or risk having their benefits cut. Many of them could not be persuaded to actually work for a living, and this week, they finally paid the price for this.

Another report said that more than half of food stamp recipients in 21 Georgia counties have been dropped from the program following the new work mandates. Of the 11,779 people without kids and considered capable of working who were required to find a job by April 1 in order to continue receiving assistance, 62% lost their benefits, meaning the number of people on food stamps went down to just 4,528.

Lawmakers are now with hope to grow the work requirement to all 159 counties in Georgia by 2019, and 60 more countries will be added in 2018.

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