WATCH: Two Feminists Insert ‘WEED TAMPONS’ into Themselves to Make Liberal Point

A disgusting new trend is spreading among liberal feminists like wildfire, and it’s sure to make you sick.

In the video above this story, two feminists use weed tampons to stop their period blood. The women walk their viewers through themselves sticking the drug-filled tampons inside their vaginas. Though the feminists claim that they aren’t high, their strange behavior says otherwise.

Things take an even nastier turn one one of the tampons breaks in half as the larger feminist tries to insert it. Though she claims that she will stick the other half inside her, she does not choose to do this vaginally. Instead, she makes the truly disgusting move of EATING the other half of the weed tampon after it broke as she tried to jam it inside her vagina.

The feminist then got really high, warning her viewers not to eat the tampons because they’re “really really really strong.”

Just when we thought liberal feminists could not get any grosser, they have sunk to a new low!