Watch Texas Leader SHUT DOWN CNN’s Attempt To Attack Trump


CNN, along with most mainstream media, has been running a non-stop rhetoric about President Trump not showing any “empathy” for Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. One Texas leader shut them down.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told CNN that not only did he speak with the President “at length” about the devastating situation, Trump was completely “committed” to rebuilding the affected area.

The cable news network pushed Abbott to speak badly about the President and his visit to Texas, and asked, “Tell us what he accomplished.”

Governor Abbott articulated exactly what President Trump did when he visited Texas immediately following Hurricane Harvey. “Well it was very important for the President to show up, to show how much he cared about the state of Texas, about our citizens, and about his commitment to helping Texas get through this emergency process and then rebuild,” said Abbott.

Abbott also clarified for the CNN that many other cabinet members came with the President, including the Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and the FEMA administrator.

Again, the reporter pushed Abbott to slam the President and asked, “Do you think that the President should have talked more about the victims?

Governor Abbott shut down the reporter when he spoke of how much President Trump did speak about the victims and about the damage and devastation he witnessed. Abbott said the President has “deep concern about what people were going through.”

This isn’t a photo-op moment for President Trump. He has expressed his “sorrow and deep concern” about how the lives of the people affected by Harvey have been completely destroyed. The Governor added that Trump has “compassion and commitment to help them respond.”

The New York Times reports, “A week after Texas was slammed by Hurricane Harvey, this region was still engulfed in crisis on Saturday, with weary residents of Houston searching for ways to repair swamped homes and salvage possessions even as others faced new orders to evacuate.”