WATCH: Liberal Idiot Joy Behar Completely IMPLODES on ‘The View’


September 11 is a solemn day for most Americans…a time to remember, reflect, feel gratitude for the loved ones in your life. Not for the bats on “The View” though. They couldn’t stop slandering and attacking President Trump for even one day.

Co-host Joy Behar clucked at the panel, “Well first of all Trump is the biggest mistake in modern history.” The discussion was about former Trump White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon discussing the firing of former Director of the FBI James Comey, during his “60 Minutes” appearance.

Behar said, “But you know what he’s saying, and I think it’s true.” As if American citizens care what she thinks is true. Behar continued, “It’s like if he [President Trump] had kept Comey there, we wouldn’t have [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller. Mueller is like a dog with the bone. Mueller has got material on them and he is going after them.”

Another clucking co-host, Jedediah Bila, had a different opinion then Behar and got her head bit off for it. Bila said, “I’m surprised too because it’s stupid. I mean Steve is a smart guy. What he’s essentially saying is you are right, there is information.”

Bila continued, “If he [Bannon] didn’t care – if there was nothing on Trump, he would come out and say ‘who cares guys let them investigate all they want…there’s nothin to find there.'”

The way Bannon spoke, Bila felt “he made it seem like it was a big mistake because there was an investigation and now they’re going to do some work.”

Behar jumped on Bila and loudly said, “What do we know?! We know that the Russians spent $100,000 for ads on Facebook targeting specific groups of people. How did they know what groups to target?” At this point Behar is losing her mind and starts making accusations, “Maybe [Paul} Manafort told them. Maybe Jared Kushner told them. Maybe Donald Jr. told them.”

The hosts of “The View” use their personal feelings about the President to try to keep their ratings up. Disgusting.