WATCH: Karen Handel Schooled Inexperienced Lib Opponent Jon Ossoff

As Georgia’s 6th District congressional election is headed underway this month, candidate Karen Handel does not hold back in a recent debate against her inexperienced liberal opponent, Jon Ossoff.

Handel brings Ossoff’s residency into light as he is currently living in the neighboring 4th District and as a result, could not vote for himself in the primary. Due to no candidate securing an absolute majority in the 6th District’s voting, the top-two candidates, Handel and Ossoff, will compete in a runoff election on the 20th of this month.

Ossoff brought up a sensitive subject for Handel which became apparent as she described the medical hardship her sister has faced her whole life. Handel defended the new healthcare bill stating that the bill “Provides more protections for individuals with preexisting conditions.”

Handel has described herself as an “unwavering conservative fighter” and that becomes clear as she fights for 6th District’s vote to win the upcoming election.

The big topic up for debate was if intelligence suggested that Iran was on the brink of developing weaponized nuclear weapons, would the candidate vote for or against a war with Iran?

This question was quickly skirted around by Ossoff asserting that Iran needs to hold themselves accountable, strict, and uncompromising in enforcing the commitments they have made. He would not give a final answer stating that there are too many complexities involved that a hypothetical cannot cover.

Handel was quick to fire back at her opponent.

With Ossoff’s support in the Iran deal, Handel stated that “It is a fact that Iran has broken the parameters of that agreement.” To add on to this, nearly $2 billion in cash was flown over to Iran under President Obama, which the Obama administration since then “Has admitted is being used for terrorists and to support further activities.”