WATCH: Illegals Block Freeway to Riot Against Trump… IMMEDIATELY REGRET IT

Thousands of illegal immigrants and their liberal allies demonstrated in parts of New York City Tuesday.

Outside the Trump Tower in Manhattan, more than 30 people were arrested for blocking traffic; of these, nine were illegal immigrants.

DACA protesters in the street outside Trump Tower

Watch the video below of DACA protesters by the Trump Tower:

Later Tuesday evening, a mob of protesters with the same agenda marched onto the Brooklyn Bridge before plunking themselves down on it in a large line. As with the crowd outside the Trump Tower, the illegals and their allies managed to unlawfully block traffic until the NYPD managed to remove them. Of this group of protesters, eight or more were arrested for their civil disobedience.

DACA protesters march on the Brooklyn Bridge Tuesday night


Tuesday’s New York City protests were, of course, yet another tantrum being thrown by the left when they failed to get the way. They followed the announcement by the Trump administration that Barack Obama’s unlawful Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was to ended, in fulfillment of one of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

Also as usual, the motley assortment of liberals, illegal aliens, and anarchists chanted silly slogans, such as, “no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here.” The chant conveniently leaves out the fact that it is illegal immigrants, not immigrants per se, that the long-overdue DACA removal is intended to affect. But then concern with following the rule of law is not a strong suit of most on the left.

The protests in New York were some of many that occurred across the nation Tuesday. The left were so confident prior to last November 8 that they would get their way with the election of the awful Hillary Clinton. At that time they claimed to be oh-so-concerned about Trump supporters refused to allow the democratic process to play out and even to resort to violence when Trump inevitably lost. The months since then has shown who the true adult three-year-olds actually are.