WATCH: Fired Up Trump Supporter Sends Viral Message About THIS…

The mainstream media jumped all over the opportunity to say President Trump “shoved” his way to the front of the crowd during the NATO summit.

Derrick Wilburn for Allen B. West shares a viral message from a Donald Trump supporter who got a big kick out of the President’s little “push.”

In case you missed it, here is the clip of President Trump pushing aside Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro:

While the Donald Trump-hating media went insane and called it violence, Wilburn notes that “one social media pundit found the alpha male move by Trump to be about the most awesome thing he’s seen in years.”

The reaction from conservatives is vastly different from the liberal media. While CNN Acts like the President is a frightening dictator, conservatives see him as a lovable guy who won’t take any you-know-what from anybody. Even if they are the leader of the well-known country of Montenegro. Wait a second, where is that country, exactly?

The Washington Post was so beside itself that they actually published this, in the wake of the incident: “It did not go unmentioned that Trump brushed aside the leader of a country that last month defied Russia and pro-Russian opposition…”

Seriously Washington Post? Trump pushed past the Prime Minister of Montenegro because…because Russia? That right there, is why half the American people hate the mainstream media.

Henry Davis took a video of himself reacting to infamous “shove heard ’round the world” and it’s almost impossible not to smile right along with him as he celebrates Trump’s toughness.

In the video Davis mentions that Obama would have never had the guts to push another guy aside, and that basically, Trump is the man. Henry Davis, from St. Louis, Missouri, frequently shares his very pro-Trump sentiments on social media.

Watch the hilarious and spot-on video: