WATCH: Antifa Rioter Attacks Phoenix Cops – Gets Shot in the CROTCH

Ouch! That had to hurt.

While President Donald Trump spoke at a rally inside the Phoenix Convention Center last night, thousands of antifa thugs and anti-Trump protesters assembled outside. A video shows one of the demonstrators running up and kicking a pepper ball back at the police, then moving back to the rabble’s ranks. At this point the video shows a pepper ball shot from the police hit the agitator directly in his crotch.

The anarchist thug immediately crumbled to the ground and began writhing in pain. A fellow demonstrator then ran up and assisted his fallen comrade to the sidewalk, where the injured man again crumbled to the ground.

Reports were that, in addition to the usual insults and expletives screamed at the police, the antifa thugs hurled bottles and rocks at the police. You know, like they always do.

In Charlottesville, VA, during the August 12 ‘Unite The Right’ rally, the police actually herded the greatly outnumbered rally attendees into throngs of antifa and BLM agitators, with the expected results – violent clashes. The police then, for the most part, sat back and let the violence play out. Yet, despite the Charlottesville police essentially feeding the Unite The Righters to the left-wing extremists, it didn’t spare them from having bags of feces, urine, rocks and bottles hurled at them.

The Phoenix police last night were having none of that. They provided a great example of how local police should deal with these volatile situations – keep the opposing groups apart (which essentially means keeping antifa from attacking gathered people from the right), direct the left wingers to disperse when things get too violent or dangerous, and use pepper spray and make arrests on those who refuse to vacate the scene.

The police were prepared in Phoenix – result: minimal violence

The injured man certainly came looking for trouble, his face adorned with a gas mask. Well, he was prepared for pepper spray, but he didn’t seem prepared for taking a pepper ball or rubber bullet shot directly to his body. Perhaps at the next antifa event he will wear a cup.