Videos of Protesters Blocking Traffic – And Getting Run Over


Let’s make this clear – legitimate protesters on the sidewalk are fine, no matter what they are protesting about. But a new trend seems to have developed in recent years of protesters blocking traffic by massing in roadways. That crosses the line by a mile.

Protesters who blocking traffic with their bodies aren’t very smart. The human body – even 20 human bodies massed together – are no match for two tons of metal and a powerful engine. A smart protester stands on the sidewalk. A dumb one, who decides to protest in the middle of the road and actively attempts to block cars sometimes gets run over.

Sometimes drivers stop. Sometimes they back up. But sometimes they feel (rightfully) threatened or just plow on through. Like this video (which has a bit from a Hollywood movie spliced in):

While the video is rather, uh, brutal, a driver is often faced with no good options. If they get out of the car or stay in one spot, there is a high likelihood of serious harm coming to them or their car, as was seen in Milwaukee in August of 2016 when white motorists were pulled out of their cars and beaten by a mob angry over the shooting of a black man.

Here’s another video, of a motorist faced with a large group of BLM protesters completely blocking the road. What they didn’t seem to understand is that this driver really had somewhere to go, as the video shows:

Here is another video, where a woman in distress gets attacked by an anti-Trump mob in the wake of the 2016 election:

Her windshield was smashed, and it could have turned out much worse, as it sometimes does. In a situation like this, perhaps it would have been a better, and justified, action for her to push on through.

After all, two tons of metal and 190 hp will win that battle. Every time.