VIDEO: This ‘Try Before You Buy’ Sex Robot Just Went On Sale…

A very proud couple, Arran Squire and Hanna Nguyen recently unveiled their creation of “Samantha,” a 5ft, 4in, sex doll in Covent Garden, London.

This innovative sex toy has eight different modes and eleven sensors and is the first of it’s kind with artificial intelligence that responds to touch and costs around £3,000.

The Daily Star reports that “Samantha” is made out of “food grade Thermoplastic Elastomer” and that it’s skin is lifelike and doesn’t smell like plastic.

This is the first of it’s kind to ever be sold in an actual shop. Business partners Arran Squire from North Wales and Dr. Sergi Santos from Barcelona wanted to offer buyers a “try before you buy” option to feel the doll.

Squire said that pre-orders are being offered and “Samantha” can be delivered withing three weeks. The Daily Star reported that this is the first of it’s kind on display in the United Kingdom.

Squire told the Daily Star that they “already had loads of pre-orders – there is so much interest there.” When asked why they decided to sell the doll in the United Kingdom, he said, “We chose Covent Garden because we have had lots of interest in this are, we are getting bombarded with emails.”

“Samantha” has an algorithm that allows her to have a personality that evolves over time, although sex is the primary function. Her “brain memory” is stored on an SD card in a small computer in her head, and allows the doll to “emulate the electrical activity of humans in the sense of excitement.”

Just like a human, “Samantha” requires some intimate touching before she can start to “enjoy herself.”

A report from the Foundation for Responsible Robotics has raised many concerns over the possible “dark side” of sex robots, echoing the ethical and moral debate conservatives are having with liberals about this technology.