VIDEO: Trump Supporters Protest CNN – “No More Fake News!”

Trump supporters protested outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday shouting, “No more fake news!” Americans are tired of the anti-Trump messages mainstream media is sending out.

Patriots are holding CNN responsible for their deplorable behaviors such as the fake news about the Russia-Trump collusion and the constant outright lies about the President.

Project Veritas has been providing Americans with valuable inside information about CNN. A video released by them in June revealed CNN Producer John Bonifield talking about the Trump-Russia story they were peddling, even though they knew it wasn’t true.

On the video Bonifield stated that the CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker, was insisting that the news channel stop reporting on current situations and get back to the lies about Trump because that’s what was bringing in the ratings. Bonifield scoffed at the idea that somehow CNN had an ethical responsibility and stated “it’s a business.”

In a second undercover bombshell video made by Project Veritas, a liberal political commentator from CNN, Van Jones, admits that the whole Russia-Trump story is a “Nothing Burger”

In yet a third video, CNN Associate Producer Jimmy Carr slams the voters of the United States, calling them “stupid as sh*t.” Carr also trashes Kellyanne Conway’s appearance stating “she looks like she got hit with a shovel.”

Three CNN workers were asked to “resign” after a story was retracted due to lack of facts, which was also about a possible Russia-Trump collusion.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans think the mainstream press is full of fake news, according to a poll released by The Hill and Harvard-Harris. Of registered voters polled in May, 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of Independents and 53 percent of Democrats reflected this distrust of the media.

Patriots of America have had enough of the fake news and anti-Trump propaganda.