VIDEO: Look Who Was There To Greet Trump When He Arrived In Texas – MEDIA BLACKOUT

The mainstream media is on a mission to make it look like Donald Trump is the least popular president of all time. That’s why they’re refusing to report on what happened when he arrived in Texas on Tuesday.

The Gateway Pundit reported that video and photos show that thousands lined up to greet President Trump when he arrived in Texas to assess the damage of Hurricane Harvey. The images below show just how beloved of a president Trump really is, and how grateful the people of Texas were that he came to visit them when they needed him most.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke out to praise the way Trump has handled this crisis.

“What I learned is that we can count on the President of the United States and his staff,” Abbott said. “The President and his Cabinet remained in constant contact with me and my staff and they all had one thing to say: ‘Texas, what do you need?'”

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