‘Black Lives Matter’ Thugs Savagely Attack Conservative Woman Holding American Flag in Boston – MEDIA BLACKOUT

Ever since the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the mainstream media has been trying to make it look like members of Antifa are peaceful people who aren’t violent at all. That’s why they aren’t reporting on this disturbing video that came out of Boston today…

The Gateway Pundit reported that the video shows a gray haired woman calmly holding an American flag while standing alongside a march of Alt-Left counter-protesters to a Free Speech rally being held on Boston Common. Suddenly, an Antifa terrorist assaulted the woman and grabs her flag before pulling her about ten yards as she desperately tried to hold on to the flag. The terrorist eventually lets go of the flag, causing the woman to tumble to the ground.

Not a single Antifa protester even tried to help the woman. The video ends with the woman breaking down in tears as her friends comfort her.

This video perfectly exemplifies how violent Antifa really is. When Donald Trump said that there was violence on both sides, he really was telling the truth!

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