Trump-Loving ESPN Reporter FIRED For Being ‘Openly Conservative’

In the liberal entertainment industry, it’s considered risky to one’s career to come out as a supporter of Donald Trump. This was proven once again this week, when former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry made it clear that she thinks she was fired from the network in April for being “openly conservative.”

Daily Mail reported that McHenry was one of 100 ESPN employees that were fired two months ago. In a now-deleted post on Twitter, McHenry implied that her firing was due to her conservative views. When replying to a Twitter user who criticized ESPN for being too liberal, McHenry wrote, “I mean I’ve been openly Conservative… look how that ended up…”

McHenry immediately started receiving backlash for the tweet, but she stood her ground.,

“Need to take my opinions & truth to a place & blog that actually gets money for the clicks. I replied to a friend,” McHenry wrote, adding minutes later, “It’s not ‘inserting myself’ when I reply to someone and sites and blogs run with a headline. Think about this one….”

“Stay true to what you believe in — positive or negative, it’s still a reaction. What the truth from me, come to my social media,” McHenry continued an hour later.

Liberals are of course furious about what this former ESPN host had to say, but we think this is a perfect example of the entertainment world vilifying those who support Donald Trump.

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