TRAGIC: Eric Bolling Jr’s Shocking Cause of Death Announced [PHOTOS]

As we reported here at Red Nation Weekly, Eric Bolling’s son died last Friday–the same day that Fox News officially fired the conservative host. Initial reports stated that Bolling’s son had committed suicide. But now the real cause of death has been announced–and it’s far from what the initial reports stated.

19-year-old Eric Bolling Jr, who was a sophomore at the University of Colorado this year, “partied” the night before he was found dead according to the Daily Mail. That evening he was seen doing drugs, including cocaine, weed and Xanax.

The economics student was found dead in his bed last Friday morning by a friend at his apartment in Boulder, Colorado.

Police logs show a medical call to his home at the plush Providence Boulder apartment complex was received at 7.49 a.m.

Bolling Jr, the only son of 54-year-old Bolling and his wife Adrienne.

A friend of Bolling Jr has claimed that the college student used illicit substances the night before he died, but said he didn’t intentionally kill himself.

According to his close friend Wayne Carter, 21, Bolling Jr had been out partying the night before and had been “doing things [drugs]” – even sending videos of that night’s festivities to friends via messaging app Snapchat.

Carter, who is originally from Malibu, California, told that his friend was always fond of socializing but had stepped up his partying over the summer.

He also said he had been told that Bolling Jr had once dabbled in substances such as heroin but insisted that at the time of his death, he was sticking to “just college drugs – cocaine, weed, alcohol, Xanax sometimes.”

Bolling Jr had been enormously proud of his father’s TV career and was deeply affected by the sexual harassment allegations against him that led to him being fired by Fox on September 8. Bolling was accused of send lewd pictures of his private parts to female colleagues.

Carter said, “He was very into his dad and looked up to his dad a lot. I’m not saying his life choices revolved around his dad but his dad was a huge role model in his life. You’d go to a party and he was a cool guy but he’d be like, ‘Oh guys, do you know who my dad is?’ And we’d be like, ‘Yes Eric, we know who your dad is!'”

After news broke of his father’s firing, Carter says Bolling Jr kept most of his feelings bottled up because of his pride in his father but it was “eating him up inside.”

Carter said, “He wouldn’t tell me [direct] because he was so proud of his dad. But clearly inside, it was eating him up.”

But Carter said Bolling Jr would never have taken his own life intentionally and said he believes that his partying and drug use is what ‘did it for him’ in the end.

He said, “I’ll put it like this – he was a partier. I don’t think he would have intentionally done it [killed himself]. But I definitely think he upped it once when he heard that news and that’s what caused his demise.”

At the time of his death, he was dating pretty blonde nursing assistant and model Ciara Medlin, 19, of Brighton, Colorado.

Writing in a social media post on September 9, she paid tribute to Bolling Jr, describing him as “one of the first, closest and best friends I ever had in Boulder.”

She wrote, “My heart aches and you didn’t deserve this. Thank you for the memories. Stay boolin [sic] Bolling. Rest in peace. We will miss you angel.”

Bolling Jr had spent Wednesday and Thursday morning with Carter who said he noticed nothing amiss with his friend.

Carter said, “He was fine. Seemed like everything was normal, just like how we always hung out. Good mood, super energetic. Looked like he had no worries. [We talked about] girls, sports, working out, our friends. He was talking about his trip because he just got back from New York.”

Later that night, Bolling Jr went to a party where he was seen doing hard drugs.

Jordan Steiner, an investigator at the Boulder County Coroner’s Office, told there were no obvious signs of harm on the body and that toxicology tests will be performed.

Bolling Jr’s friends are now planning a memorial after a funeral has been held for him, although some took part in a small vigil at the Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder on Sunday. Carter will be among the friends at the memorial and says he hopes Bolling Jr’s father will take comfort from hearing the full story of what happened to his son.

He said, “I don’t think he intentionally did that [killed himself]. He was great. I think it would be good for his dad to know this, because I think his dad might think this is all on him because it’s his son, the sexual scandal and all that stuff. Honestly, I would like his dad to know what the full story is because I don’t think he really knows.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bolling family during this hard time.