‘Black Lives Matter’ Thug Attacks Dolly Parton – INSTANTLY Gets Shut Down


Dolly Parton was born and raised in Tennessee, where she has left her mark with amusement parks and attractions. Parton calls herself “daughter of the old South” with much reason, and don’t be fooled by her tiny size, she packs a wallop!

A liberal “Black Lives Matter” activist, Aisha Harris, was offended by something Parton had built and set out to destroy it. Apparently she thought Parton would roll over passively as Harris tried to shut down her “Dixie Stampede.”


Harris, who works for the overly liberal site, Slate, took issue with Parton’s Civil War-themed dinner theater. Harris ridiculously called Parton a racist, and claimed the “Dixie Stampede” is violent and needs to be demolished.

“Advertised as an ‘extraordinary dinner show … pitting North against South in a friendly and fun rivalry,’ Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede is the Lost Cause of the Confederacy meets Cirque du Soleil,” Harris wrote in an article for Slate. “It’s a lily-white kitsch extravaganza that play-acts the Civil War but never once mentions slavery.”

Harris’ supposed proof of Parton’s racism is that the “Dixie Stampede” is lightheartedly divided into the “North” and the “South.” However, when Harris visited the venue she saw that individuals of both races were sitting on each side and it wasn’t racist at all.

Harris couldn’t prove Parton’s so called racism in the theater so when she went to the bathrooms and saw the signs in there – she again cried “racism.”


The “Dixie Stampede” is all about fun and the stalls are labeled “Southerners Only” and “Northerners Only” keeping with the theme of the theater. Harris emerged from the bathroom ready to take Parton down when she was disappointed to see the closing act.


Parton brought both sides of the theater together and said, “We’re all AMERICANS.” The song “Color Me America,” which was written after the terrorist attack on September 11, was then sung by all.

Dolly Parton loves her home-state, and she loves America. No hyper-liberal BLM groupie will ever change that.