Super-Realistic Sex Robots Sweep the Nation – But They May be Unsafe [PHOTOS]

BREAKING: Super-realistic sex robots are sweeping the nation, and now a terrifying announcement has been made about them: They may be unsafe.

The world of Ex Machina, while not here yet, may be fast approaching. Picture prostitutes who fulfill every fantasy and demand of their client, without complaint or limitation. A brothel where the ladies are uncomplaining slaves to their owner.

Such a world may be very close to reality.


Sex dolls are becoming so realistic that they may almost be called sex beings. Lumi Dolls, the self-proclaimed “first sex dolls agency in Europe,” offers, uh, services, with five models of doll, ranging from 30 minutes up to two hours. Advantages? Well, there is no chance of catching an STD. And quite simply, sex with a non-living being does not feel like cheating. What else? A sex doll will never show disapproval or disappointment. A sex doll, no matter how attractive, will never, ever, say “no,” so the fear of rejection is non-existent.

Sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD, states:

“Sex has never been about being realistic; sex is narcissistic. When you’re aroused, you may feel intensely connected to your partner but you probably don’t want to hear all about their day. You just want them to make you feel good. So it’s natural for us to want erotic partners who are extensions of ourselves.”

How popular might the new generation of ultra-realistic sex dolls become? In a 2016 study by the University of Duisburg-Essen, almost 40 percent of German men polled responded they might purchase a sex doll within five years. Another 67 percent admit they could see themselves using one!

Former porn star, now social worker, Katja Kassin, has pretty good insight into the world of sexual gratification. She sees nothing wrong with realistic sex dolls. Kassin had this to say:  “A robot is not a living creature and if someone is using a machine for sexual pleasure, there’s nothing wrong with that. People already use vibrators and electric masturbation aides, and a robot sex doll isn’t much different.”

The downside?

Living, breathing sex workers are not toys, and must not be treated as such. Boundaries and consent matter. With sex robots all of that is lost. The lack of responsibility in this regard will certainly appeal to some, which may be troubling. Could the issues of female degradation and objectification be negatively impacted by the mainstreaming of realistic sex dolls?

Dr. Snyder weighed in on the topic: “Our human limitations serve to keep each other’s natural narcissism in check. We can’t have everything we want, and that’s ok. Our shortcomings keep us humble. They teach us patience and forgiveness. I can’t imagine someone learning those things from a doll. I guess I worry we’d lose an important piece of our education in being human.”