Sean Hannity Makes Tragic Announcement on Live TV

The talent at Fox News was reportedly instructed not to mention the tragic death of former host Eric Bolling’s son. The network fired Bolling on Friday of last week, and that same night his son lost his life. Apparently the Murdoch brothers didn’t want to draw more attention to the tragedy, because they thought it made Fox News look bad.

But Sean Hannity didn’t let the orders stop him from making an announcement about Bolling, who he considers a close friend.

“Just want to say to my friend, our thoughts and prayers are with you,” Hannity said. “We love you, and we’re thinking of you in this most difficult time.”

Hannity directly went against the Murdoch’s orders to pay tribute to his friend’s son.

Bolling had been at the network for over 10 years and hosted The Specialists as well as the weekend program Cashin’ In. He had previously been a co-host of The Five.

The Murdoch brothers had him fired last week after allegations surfaced that he sent female coworkers lewd photos of his genitalia years ago. Those allegations were never proven–but it didn’t stop the Murdochs from firing Bolling anyways.

The same night Bolling was fired, his 19-year-old son–Eric Chase Bolling–was found dead in his bedroom at the University of Colorado, where he was just beginning his sophomore year.

Many Fox News fans are becoming fed up with the network’s recent trend of firing pro-Trump talent. Bill O’Reilly, Fox News’ biggest star, was let go last year after other unproven claims. Since the firing, Fox News has struggled to maintain its place as number one in the ratings.