WATCH: Sasha Obama Makes Out With Stranger at Drug-Fueled Party

Former President Barack Obama isn’t the only family member that is “letting loose” after leaving the White House. Barack’s young 16 year old daughter, Sasha, has been seen enjoying life outside of Washington…maybe too much. revealed photos of Sasha at a recent Lollapalooza concert, where she was doing more than listening to the music. The youngest Obama girl was seen having a lively conversation with a stranger, called Matt, and then immediately having a hot and heavy kiss with him.

Onlookers reported that the two apparently got along immediately and it turned passionate rather quickly. One bystander shared a Snapchat that said, “Matt gonna get Sasha Obama.”


The Celebrity Insider reports that the man in the photo, Matt Metzler, has a questionable reputation online.

Sasha has joined her older sister, Malia, in the headlines recently because of her wild behavior on the Miami beaches. Sasha sported revealing bikinis and spent much of her time partying, which is in direct contrast to the conservative image the former First Daughter has portrayed.


Although the horrible eight “Obama years” are over the entire former First Family continues to try to make themselves relevant any way they can. The teenage daughters are now trying to stay in the limelight by acting out and behaving inappropriately.

Malia recently acted wildly and was caught on video writhing on the ground to music by The Killers, spending much of the Lollapalooza festival backstage. This is clear proof that liberal parenting doesn’t work.

Both of the Obama daughters spent time this summer travelling with their parents to Indonesia and Hawaii. As soon as they were out of Barack and Michelle’s grasp they behave in a manner that will catch the media’s interest.

Malia will begin attending Harvard in the fall after taking a year off and Sasha will return to Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C.