Outrage After Sasha Obama Seen Making Out With Complete Stranger

The Obama girls are going wild. Malia has filled the headlines during the past few years, she’s been caught smoking pot and passing out at a music festival, now her younger sister is walking in her footsteps.

Former First Daughter, Sasha Obama was seen at Lollapalooza, a music festival in her parents home city of Chicago. Sasha, just 16 years old, was caught on camera getting intimate with a complete stranger.

An onlooker took a picture of an older teen boy making out with Sasha and they literally had just met. Allegedly the guy’s name is “Matt.”

The photos taken were shared on Snapchat, with the caption “Matt gonna get Sasha Obama.” Did he?


The Obama’s strut around with their noses in the air like they are better than everyone else. They tout themselves to be perfect parents, even though it has been reported that Barack and Michelle don’t spend any time with the girls. According to an insider, Michelle’s mother, and Secret Service, has been raising the girls and they merely show up for photo ops.


This isn’t the first time Sasha has sowed her wild oats, so to speak. In October of last year, Sasha – then just 15 – was seen drinking at a house party and getting a little too friendly with the older guys that were there. Pictures were posted with captions that read, “Taking shots with Sasha Obama” and “When Sasha Obama is at your party,” however the photos were taken down right away.

The Obama girls have shown how defiant they are in public, much to Barack and Michelle’s embarrassment. According to The Telegraph, “The girls had their arms crossed defiantly, jaws set to grimace and eyes rolling up to the heavens, the Obama girls delivered a unifying message to their father during the weekend’s annual Thanksgiving ‘turkey pardon’ ceremony: you suck.”