Roseanne Barr Stuns Fans With Announcement Week After ABC Gives Her the Axe

Not even a week after ABC cancelled Roseanne Barr’s hit show, “Roseanne,” the former star has made a public announcement that has fans scratching their heads.

Immediately after her show was taken off the air for her “racist” tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, Roseanne vowed to stay off Twitter. But then, just days later, she returned to make a cryptic tweet promising “restitution.”

At this time, it is unclear what the tweet actually means. Meanwhile, Roseanne’s millions of fans are wishing that she would remain strong in the face of the attacks. ABC gave Roseanne’s show the axe for making a “racist” jab at Jarrett, but have kept “The View” host Joy Behar employed despite countless insensitive and offensive remarks on the air–including a comparison of Mike Pence’s Christianity to mental illness.


The network has made it clear that it is sticking to its liberal, Political Correctness ways. There has also been buzz  that ABC will resurrect Roseanne’s show in a spinoff that would focus on the Conner’s daughter, Darlene, played by Sarah Gilbert. Of course, Barr would not be a part of the show. And it is unclear why ABC executives think that fans of Roseanne would have any interest in tuning into the show without the star.

Deadline reported Thursday that Gilbert and executive producer Tom Werner are meeting this week to “kick around some ideas.”

Since the cancellation of the show, Barr’s relationship with her former cast mates has been chilly. Multiple cast members have spoken out critically about Barr’s comments and general behavior on Twitter.

But millions of fans know that what ABC did was incredibly bias and one-sided. That’s why a petition is going viral to put Roseanne back on TV. There have been whispers that other networks, including Fox, are considering picking the show back up with Barr as the star.