Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” States “Literally a Nightmare” Doing Business After Obama’s 8 Years

Rick Harrison, Gold and Silver Pawn Shop owner and star of Pawn Stars talks about the struggles of owning a business after eight years of Obama in office on FOX Business News. Harrison states the “effects of eight years of Obama is finally showing up.”

The reality star is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and a shrewd businessman in his own right. He owns a publishing company, production company, restaurant, bar and builds shopping centers. He has plenty of experience with taxes and regulations to speak intelligently about such subjects.

Harrison said, “It’s death by a thousand cuts — just my pawn business. The Obama administration made it illegal for me to loan any money to anyone in the military. I have one compliance guy just for a pawn shop. It’s everything from Homeland Security, FBI, the local police department, IRS – all these regulations I have to keep an eye on constantly and it’s just overwhelming for a small business.”

When asked how he thought Trump was doing so far, Harrison answered, “I think he’s doing a good job.” He went on to say his hopes are Trump will, “get rid of Obamacare, lower my taxes and open more businesses.” He feels strongly that Trump is the right President to get the job done.

Harrison is still reeling from Obama’s term in office, and stated that it is “literally a nightmare” to do business right now. He has complete faith that Trump and the Republicans in Congress will dig America out of the hole the Democrats put us in and improve everyone’s ability to do business in America.