Are Red States More Patriotic Than Blue States? The Results Are In…

The age-old question of whether or not “red states” are more patriotic than “blue states” may finally have an answer.

This last week, WalletHub undertook a study to find out which states were the most “patriotic” in the country.

The report ranked every state on their “patriotic” scale, considering 13 metrics across two categories: military engagement and civic engagement.

States could earn up to 50 points in subcategories of military engagement like “average number of military enlistees per 1,000 civilian adults population” and “veterans per 1,000 civilian adult population.” They could also earn 50 points in for civic engagement with subcategories that included “share of adults who voted in 2016 presidential election,” “volunteer rate” and “Peace Corps volunteers per capita.”

The results were quite intriguing; the five most patriotic states were (in order), Virginia, Alaska, Wyoming, South Carolina, and Colorado.

The five least patriotic states were (in order of least patriotic) New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. No surprises here – these are all deep blue, liberal states, where many of their politicians have disdain for our military and the Constitution.

WalletHub then separated the red states from the blue states, based on how they voted in the 2016 election. The average score for each group was calculated and compared.

The lower the score, the more “patriotic” the states are ranked.

The blue (liberal) states received an average ranking of 28.55.

The red (conservative) stats received an average ranking of 23.47.

The results confirmed what most of us already knew. Indeed, conservative states, i.e., those states that voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, are indeed more patriotic than the blue states that went for ol’ Hillary.

Of course, who knows how the election would have turned out if we had voter identification (like every other first-world nation, and even most third world nations.) The “most patriotic” state was Virginia, which squeaked through an electoral win for Hillary. This, after Virginia’s Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a close friend of the Clinton family, passed an executive order allowing ex-felons to vote. And many states have no voter ID requirement.

Are you surprised that red states appear to be more patriotic than blue states? Share your thoughts in the comments section.