Rapper Who Lynched White Child in Video Gets Attacked on Stage at Concert [VIDEO]


Rapper XXXTentacion recently made a video for his singles, “Look at Me” and “Riot,” which had a young white child being hung. He can depict such violence against children, yet he can’t do anything against a grown man.

XXXTentacion got taken down on his own stage during a performance in June. He was literally knocked out cold during his performance in San Diego. The incident turned into a group fight which left one person stabbed.

XXXTentacion was singing into his mic on Wednesday night, when the attacker came out of nowhere and punched him. Security rushed in and wailed on the unnamed man.

Police reports state that the stabbing happened off stage after the man threw the first punch.

Eventually security carried XXXTentacion off stage. One of his tour managers revealed that he was unconscious for more than two minutes. XXXTentacion’s crew believe the attacker was hiding backstage waiting to attack.

The police report that yet another fight broke out in the parking lot after the concert. Rapper Rob Stone was immediately blamed for the attack – fans chanted his name as soon as fists started flying. The police are unclear if Stone is involved.

No arrests have been made and the police are trying to talk to the individuals involved. XXXTentacion posted a threatening video after the attack threatening to sue the venue and security for “setting him up.”

XXXTentacion, aka Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, born January 23, 1998, is known for offensive lyrics and videos. Onfroy first began to gather notoriety during his time in prison on charges of false imprisonment, witness tampering, and aggravated battery of a pregnant victim.

Onfroy is generally considered a controversial figure within the hip-hop industry due to assaulting fans, public feuds with other artists and general social media scandals. Spin has labelled Onfroy as “rap’s most controversial man.”