Olivia Newton-John Makes Heartbreaking Announcement, Leaving Fans Crushed


The extraordinarily talented Olivia Newton-John is a celebrity known and loved by many. Generations know Olivia from her role as Sandy in the classic movie Grease. Now 68 years old, she still tours as part of a concert series.

In May, Olivia canceled her concerts, which are part of her album tour for LIV ON, due to the increasing pain in her back. LIV ON is an 11-song collection about overcoming traumas in life, including her battle with breast cancer, the death of her sister due to brain cancer, and her father’s life cut short due to cancer.


Olivia postponed her June concert tour in the United States and Canada due to a life-threatening diagnosis of stage 4 metastasized breast cancer. The breast cancer has spread to her sacrum, and although Olivia was experiencing back pain, she didn’t expect this.

When Olivia was 43 years old she battled breast cancer and won. She underwent a partial mastectomy, chemotherapy and breast reconstruction.

In June, the singer released a statement about her health, “I decided on my direction of therapies after consultation with my doctors and natural therapists and the medical team at my Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia.”

The world anxiously awaits Olivia’s return to the stage in the late fall after a course of photo radiation therapy.


Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia’s talented and beautiful daughter posted on Instagram asking fans to send “healing prayers.” Chloe is a strong believer in the “power of positive thinking and energy.”

On Facebook, Olivia recently released a statement that revealed she is keeping positive. “I am really grateful for and touched by the worldwide outpouring of love and concern for me over the last few months. Thank you,” the Australian star wrote.

Olivia continued, “I am feeling good and enjoying total support from my family, friends and my loyal fans. I am totally confident that my new journey will have a positive success story to inspire others!”