Obama Sends Daughters Off ALONE While His ILLEGAL Activities Come to Light

Malia and Sasha Obama were flown to a secret “desert location” last weekend which has turned quite a few heads. This is the very first time the Obama daughters went somewhere alone.

This doesn’t come as a surprise though seeing how Obama just learned what’s coming for him.

The two girls were at a very exclusive Palm Springs bungalow hotel that includes only 20 guest houses. Nobody would have found out where they were if it wasn’t for a hotel employee who leaked the information to a local media network.

According to local news show KESQ Palm Springs, “A Palm Springs restaurant has confirmed Sasha and Malia Obama were in the Coachella Valley this weekend. Management at SO.PA and L’Horizon Resort & Spa confirmed the Obamas dined at the restaurant last night with a small group. They also said Saturday night was the last dinner service before the restaurant closed for the rest of the summer.”

Let’s see the motivation behind Obama to send his girls off to a boring, posh golfing community.

Trey Gowdy threatened Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, if she didn’t testify about the previous president’s alleged illegal activities. Rice had previously admitted to the “wiretapping,” but then lied about it ever happening. Once Gowdy had the evidence, she was quick turned around and came clean.

Rice didn’t act alone though as she was under Obama’s orders.

As reported by Circa News, “The National Security Council informed Judicial Watch in a letter that its request for records submitted by the intelligence community of former National Security Adviser Susan Rice or her team has been moved in with other property that now belongs to the Barack Obama Presidential Library.”

This will not slow Gowdy from serving justice.

He will be asking Rice how she managed to rack up a fortune of $50 million all while earning a salary of $172,000 a year. There’s not skirting around that issue.

Are you with Gowdy on his mission for justice?