Nancy Pelosi Gets CAREER ENDING News After Latest Trump Attack

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi released a new “better deal” ad campaign this week in the hopes of uniting the Democrat Party after President Donald Trump’s win. Unfortunately for her, however, her latest plan to take Trump down has already backfired in a huge way.

The Daily Caller reported that a Republican-aligned super PAC is fighting back against Pelosi’s “better deal” plan by launching an ad campaign aimed specifically at her that claims the Democrat Party rests in “the same, old liberal ideas.” The Congressional Leadership Fund’s ad is called “Resistance” and it targets Pelosi’s San Francisco congressional district in addition to 12 more Democrat-inclined districts that Trump won in November.

“The Democrats are the party of the resistance,” the ad states as images of broken windows and violent protesting at the inauguration flash across the screen.

“Radical extremists who destroy buildings, burn cars and divide America. Hollywood celebrities who are blinded by their hatred of the president. Nancy Pelosi and the Washington Democrats answer to them,” the ad continued.

This came after Pelosi’s ad’s motto of “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future,” was immediately mocked for mimicking the Papa John’s pizza slogan, “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.”

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