Mother of Dying U.K. Infant Sends Trump Special Message… Liberals EXPLODE

Little Charlie Gard who is terminally ill was sentenced to death at the end of June by U.K.’s court system. It was ruled that he would be taken off life-support even though his parents have raised enough money for an experimental treatment in the U.S. that could save his life.

Repeatedly the parent’s requests to bring their little boy to America were denied by the courts.

His mother, Connie Yates, talked with BBC on Monday on how their lives have turned into an “international issue.”

This is actually a perfect example on the good that the president can do with his social media platforms. Since the ruling, Pope Francis and President Trump have spoken out in support of Charlie’s parents, as reported by the Daily Caller.

The support of others around the world has been key in making sure this little boy stays on life-support. Yates said, “There are a lot of people who are outraged about what is going on,” while on BBC Radio 4’s Today show.

After the huge amount of attention this has drawn, Britain’s High Court will now hear the case on Monday “in light of claims of new evidence” from the Vatican’s children’s hospital. Charlie’s parents believe that the treatment in the U.S. is worth a chance. The doctors at the hospital where he is being taken care of, Great Ormond Street Hospital, disagree and say that any further treatment is “unjustified.”

“There’s nothing to lose, he deserves a chance,” Charlie’s mother told The Independent.

Since his parents have the funds to bring him to America, the court has no right to tell them what they can and cannot do to save their son’s life. This is exactly what a death panel looks like.

Yet, this is the kind of thing that the left would love to have over in the U.S.

One thing has become apparent: the free market is more generous than socialism.