Migrants Do the UNTHINKABLE to ‘Celebrate’ September 11 Anniversary

Millions of Americans have been in mourning today as it is the sixteenth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. At least one Muslim group, however, sees today as a reason to celebrate.

According to Freedom Daily, the Muslim Student Association was just caught promoting a cake and cookie party on September 11. Clearly, they see nothing sad about this day and even see it as an excuse to party.

The MSA has previously been linked to various terror groups.

“These include an MSA national president who was al-Qaeda’s top financier in the U.S., as chapter president who was one of al-Qaeda’s co-founders and a former MSA faculty advisor who is currently the terrorist most wanted by the U.S. government,” reporter Patrick Poole wrote. “Other MSA leaders have been recently identified in several domestic and international terror plots, and some currently are facing terrorism charges.”

Three thousand people lost their lives to Muslim terrorists on this day sixteen years ago. This is a solemn day of mourning and a time to honor the victims of September 11, not a day for cake and cookie parties.

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