Michelle Obama Comes Out Of Hiding To Make Disturbing Announcement

Since leaving the White House six months ago, Michelle Obama has spent most of her time out of the public eye taking as many lavish vacations as she can. Now, Michelle is coming out of hiding to try and fund her extravagant lifestyle by entering the paid speaking tour circuit, where experts say she is set to rake in some serious cash.

The Washington Post reported that it was just announced that Michelle will be headlining the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in October for an expected audience of 10,000. Of course, Michelle will likely use this appearance to bash President Donald Trump and try to make him look sexist.

“With her career-long devotion to improving the lives of children, increasing nutrition awareness, and advocating for equal access to education, Michelle Obama’s impact clearly extends beyond her White House years,” the group’s board president, Leslie Stiles, said in the announcement.

Like her other post-White House appearances, this one will be a “conversation” instead of a speech. Michelle’s team says that this allows her to be more “relaxed,” but it also allows her to do less work to prepare for it.

This comes after it was reported that Michelle is commanding $200,000 per appearance on the paid speaking tour. This is the same amount that former President George W. Bush earns for his appearances.

We find it nauseating that Michelle is making this much money for doing virtually nothing while millions of Americans are struggling just to put food on the table thanks to her husband’s ridiculous policies. SHARE this story if you wish Michelle Obama would just GO AWAY!