MAJOR Arrest Rocks the Democrats – You’ll Cheer

Reverend Al Sharpton’s daughter, Ashley Sharpton was expecting many gifts for her 30th birthday, an arrest warrant probably wasn’t one of them.

Ashley allegedly attacked a taxi driver in New York City just before 1 a.m. on her birthday. Al Sharpton is described by his critics as “a political radical who is to blame, in part, for the deterioration of race relations,” and quick to deny any wrongdoing by african-americans. Like father, like daughter.

Al Sharpton told the New York Post, “She told me it didn’t happen the way they said.” Ashley couldn’t be reached for comment.


When Ashley and three of her friends hailed a taxi, the trouble began. Allegedly they all jumped in and shouted different destinations, which made the driver pull over and stop the car. The Post reported that the driver told Ashley and her friends that until they knew where they were going, he wasn’t moving.

The police said that Ashley, who was sitting in the front passenger side of the taxi, grabbed the keys out of the ignition and jumped out of the car.

In the police report it states that things escalated from there and got physical. The taxi driver attempted to get the keys away from Ashley, shouting “Give me my keys back.” Ashley reportedly shouted at the driver, “I don’t have your keys.”

One of Ashley’s friends filmed the altercation and the police state that it shows Ashley punching the taxi driver in the chest. By the time the police arrived at the scene, Ashley had fled. The police were able to locate Ashley just a few streets away.

Ashley appeared in court and charged with petty larceny, a misdemeanor, and criminal possession of stolen property, also a misdemeanor.