PHOTOS: Couple Arrested for Having Sex in Walmart as Horrified Shoppers Looked On


A Louisiana couple was arrested for uploading their sexual acts in public places including Walmart to their PornHub page. Often, while they were recording the acts, horrified members of the public would look on.

The police received a “report of lewd activity that occurred within a public library” last week. The library is located in Houma, Louisiana, a city not more than 55 miles from New Orleans. The couple, Elizabeth Jernigan, 33 and her husband Rex Jernigan, 35, “recorded themselves performing sexual activities on each other and uploaded them to a porn site,” according to police.

When the police reviewed the couple’s page on PornHub, which had more than 150 explicit videos on it, they saw that the Jernigans had recorded themselves performing sex acts “in various other businesses throughout the City of Houma and Terrebonne Parish.”


The Jernigan’s PornHub videos show Elizabeth masturbating inside various businesses at the Southland Mall in Houma, a local Walmart, and a Burger King. The public library, where adults and children alike could have seen them, videod not only Elizabeth masturbating, but giving oral sex to her husband next to a periodicals display rack.

The couple each received six counts of obscenity, which they happily shared on their PornHub page after getting out of jail. Rex wrote, “To all my friends and follwers,the wife and i just recently bailed out of jail for our public videos we posted on pornhub, hopefully soon we’ll get to post a new video soon.” Rex’s username is “Sexybeast82” and his wife’s is “LaylaDevine.”

The Jernigan’s PornHub page has 4187 subscribers and over 1.5 million views of their obscene videos. In the “About” section of their page, Rex wrote, “I’ve always loved to be nude and show off the body since I was a teenager. Hope everyone enjoys our videos…the more attention we receive, the more we’ll post.”

The deviant, pathetic couple started a GoFundMe account on Sunday. Out of a $500 goal, $5 has been raised.