Model Kate Upton Gives MIDDLE FINGER to Trump Haters By Doing What She Does Best [VIEW]


Hollywood, and the entire entertainment industry, is riddled with extremely liberal people. It makes it hard for any one person in that industry to show their patriotism. Supermodel and actress Kate Upton stands up for our country and celebrated the Fourth of July completely covered in red, white and blue.

The Daily Front Row magazine’s July 4th Issue boasted a proud Kate Upton in a stunning photo wearing a white shire, red bottoms and satin blue heels. The outfit is part of a patriotic collection that Matt Easton photographed Upton in.

Upton was born in St. Joseph, Michigan and raised in Melbourne, Florida. Upton is a devout Christian, although many have questioned the tattoos she bears. Upton has two tattoos, a horse on her wrist and a cross on the inside of her finger.

Upton feels as strongly about her tattoos as she does her faith. When getting them Upton stated, “You have to think hard with a tattoo. What will I love for the rest of my life?”

Upton’s uncle is Republican Representative Fred Upton from Michigan. As former chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, he is one of the most powerful members of the House of Representatives. He has been serving in Congress since before she was born, so it’s safe to say she’s been around Republican politics her whole life.

Fred Upton said of his niece, “She’s a great gal. It’s been fun to watch her grow up.” When asked how the family felt about Kate’s choice to model and act, Fred Upton replied, “we’re all proud of Kate.”