JUST IN: Malia Obama Slammed With BAD NEWS at Harvard


Malia Obama claims she just wants to be like all the other students at Harvard University. Hard to believe that the girl twerking on stage, and writhing on the ground at the Lollapalooza music festival this summer doesn’t want to be noticed.


Malia spent her gap year getting herself in the headlines and now she’s annoyed that people want to take her picture. An elderly woman had an unpleasant interaction with Malia recently and it made the papers.

According to the Inquisitr, an elderly woman, a grandmother, walked up to Malia and asked her if she could take her picture. She wanted it for her granddaughter. Malia bit the woman’s head off and yelled “No!”

The woman waited for Malia to come out of the restaurant in order to speak with her again and Malia yelled at the woman, “are you going to take it in my face like an animal in a cage,” and stomped away in anger.


A reporter from the Boston Globe, Steve Annear, was at Harvard for another story when he saw Malia. Annear wrote about the encouter he had with Malia, stating that he introduced himself immediately so she knew he was a reporter.

Annear asked the former President’s eldest daughter if he could ask her a couple questions. Malia smiled, shook his hand, and acted like she was happy to meet him. His questions weren’t about Malia, per se, but more about what she thought about Donald Trump.

Once she realized she wouldn’t make another headline, she curtly said, “No comment,” and walked away.


It’s not surprising that Malia doesn’t know how to act in public considering she’s spent the last eight years of her life in the White House, surrounded by politicians and Secret Service…which by the way, the Secret Service is still there, you just don’t see them.


Barack and Michelle Obama should have spent more time teaching their daughters etiquette, rather than taking million dollar vacations on the tax payers money.