Joy Behar Hurls GAY SLUR At Donald Trump – BIG MISTAKE

Liberals are quick to crucify any conservative who dares to use any type of gay slur. However, they give a free pass to anyone who uses a gay slur to insult President Donald Trump. This was proven once again on Monday, when loudmouth liberal Joy Behar hurled a vile gay slur at Trump on her show “The View.” Now, conservatives are firing back at her in a big way.

Breitbart reported that during Monday’s episode of the talk show, Behar made a joke referencing a submissive sexual role saying that Trump was President Vladimir Putin’s “bottom.” Grabbing her cohost Sunny Hostin’s hand to demonstrate, Behar said, “See, when Putin shook hands with Trump, he did this. This is Putin’s hand on top. So Trump was a bottom. Get it?”

Even the audience felt that Behar had gone too far, as they started growing, but she doubled down on the joke.

“What? He was on the bottom, that’s all,” she said.

Behar went on to insult Trump’s supporters as well.

“Trump’s base is still — 80 percent of Republicans are still okay with him, and these people you’re talking about, they are worried about the next election. They’re all a bunch of cowards — more cowardly than they are patriotic,” she said.

Twitter users immediately started hitting back at Behar for using the gay slur against Trump:

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