BREAKING: Joel Osteen Gets More BAD NEWS After Hurricane Harvey


Joel Osteen, head Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston is a household name, for all the wrong reasons. The multimillionaire televangelist refused to open the doors of his 16,800-seat church to people who were displaced because of the massive flooding.

Hurricane Harvey brought flooding to the area, the worst anyone has seen in decades. While people are jumping in and helping anyway they can, Osteen came up with any excuse he could think of to turn flood victims away. The first statement from the church said there was flooding around the church and it was inaccessible. Then Osteen made a statement saying that the church had flooded once before and therefore wasn’t safe.

Finally, Osteen blamed the City of Houston for “not asking” him to use his church as a shelter. “If they would have asked us to become a shelter early on, we would have prepared for it,” he told NBC’s “Today” on Wednesday.

None of Osteen’s excuses have been believable and social media is having a field day with memes. Here are just a few that have been posted recently: