Liberals are always calling on Donald Trump to open the U.S. border in Mexico. What just happened near the Texas border, however, shows EXACTLY why it’s so crucial that we keep our borders protected.

Breitbart reported that a war among drug cartels is currently taking place dangerously close to the Texas border in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. A total of 50 people have been killed in this cartel war in the last month alone, including one bystander and one police officer.

The clashes typically involve cartel members using SUV convoys with code signs such as M-28, M-42, and M-100 painted on vehicles as they battle each other over control of smuggling routes. In the video above this story, you’ll see a cartel shootout that took place in Reynosa this week. Unfortunately, it looks like this war could already be spreading into the U.S., as it was just reported that U.S. Border Patrol officials at the Rio Grande Valley Sector seized $2.5 million-worth of marijuana in three separate incidents last Thursday.

The first incident occurred in the Texas border town of Garcen, where Border Patrol agents saw suspicious bundles being loaded into a vehicle. When they tried to move in on the vehicle, the driver attempted to flee, leading to a chase. The car chase ended when the driver crashed through a fence, damage to two fences and a gate.

After crashing, the driver and the vehicle’s ten other occupants fled back into Mexico on foot before agents could catch up to them. After searching the vehicle, agents found 787 pounds of marijuana.

Later in the day, agents working in La Casita caught sight of another suspicious vehicle, which fled when they tried to move in on it. The driver of the vehicle attempted to crashed into the Rio Grande River in what is known as the “splash down” technique. This is a method frequently employed by smugglers in which they crash their vehicles into the river in hopes that cartel members on the Mexican side of the river can retrieve the load before Border Patrol boats arrive.

Unfortunately for the driver, he failed to make it to the river and instead crashed his vehicle into the bush so that he could flee on foot. He managed to get back to Mexico and evade agents, who found in his pickup truck 109 bundles of marijuana that weighed 1,275.36 pounds.

In the third incident of the day, agents in the border town of Rio Grande City saw another suspicious truck. This time, the driver successfully crashed into the Rio Grande River and swim back to Mexico. However, agents managed to get most of his stash, which included 75 bundles of marijuana weighing 912.7 pounds.

This is just a sample of some of the crime that takes place along the U.S. border with Mexico every day. This is what Trump is trying to protect us from with his border wall!