It’s no secret that the Democrats want the White House back in 2020. Of all the prospective Democrat presidential candidates, Michelle Obama leads the pack.

The other liberals plotting and planning to run, are Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), both of who have already begun national fundraising efforts. Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to throw his hat in the ring and has been compiling a national email list to reach out to his supporters directly. Representative John Delaney (D-MD) has already announced that he plans to run in the election.

Democratic donor Marc Lasry spoke with the New York Times. Lasry said, “It’s gotten ridiculous,” they “need a clearer message about what they want to do, not just about opposing Trump.”

It’s been said over and over, the Democrats need to unite the party if they have any chance in claiming seats back in Congress, or any chance at all of winning the presidency. The party is a disorganized mess.


While some Democrats are still critical of Barack Obama, many feel Michelle Obama is the only one who can pull the party together.

In the January 2017 USA Today/Gallup poll, Michelle Obama had a 68% favorability rating, compared to 58% for Barack Obama and 61% for Joe Biden.

Public Policy Polling found there to be “significant yearning for a return to the days of President Obama.” The polling also found that only 39% were satisfied with President Donald Trump.


It’s terrifying to think that Michelle Obama has a higher favorability rating at this point, clearly if something doesn’t change she could possibly succeed in winning the presidential election in 2020.

As we have seen since the Obama’s moved out of the White House, they use the “race-card” every chance they get. One would have to assume Michelle Obama would use that angle to secure her election in 2020 as well.