HAPPENING NOW: Trump Gets ENTIRE Audience to Chat ‘CNN Sucks!’

BREAKING NEWS: Donald J. Trump, during a massive speech in Phoenix, Arizona, called out the media in the most epic way possible.

After Trump’s comments about Charlottesville, the media tried to portray the president as a racist. Trump hit back at that notion hard, calling out the media for their blatant lies.

“They’re dishonest crooks,” Trump said. “The mainstream media is a joke. The only times they show the crowd is when there’s a disrupter in the room. I call them anarchists.”

He then pointed at the mainstream media cameras and the entire crowd booed.

“The failing New York Times is so bad,” Trump said. “Or the Washington Post, which I call a lobbying tool for Amazon. Or CNN which is so pathetic, and their ratings are going down.”

Then the entire crowd erupted into a chant: “CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS!”