Gene Simmons Defies Hollywood – Takes Major Stand For Trump

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton went on CNN to demand that the Electoral College be disbanded so that the winner of the popular vote could be elected president. The liberal world of Hollywood immediately backed Clinton up, since losing the Electoral College is what cost her the election.

One day later, KISS frontman Gene Simmons went on “Fox & Friends” to remind Clinton and her minions that the American people made their decision and that it is important to respect the Electoral College.

“It’s President Trump. Some people like him, some people not. But you have to respect the Electoral College and the people of America, and they duly elected the man,” Simmons said after he was asked about his thoughts on immigration at around the 3:00 mark in the video above.

“Now by the way for everybody watching Fox News, if you have a point of view and you don’t agree that’s great,” he added, according to The Daily Caller.  “Don’t fight with each other. Let’s all be Americans. Next time there’s a vote, vote with your conscience. By the way the founding fathers were smart, you can draw the curtains and it’s nobody’s damn business who you vote for. But in the meantime…”

Fox News host Steve Doocy then interjected to ask Simmons, “are you talking to Hillary Clinton, who’s….?”

“I’m talking to anybody,” Simmons answered. “We can argue all you want, but remember the bad guys hate us all. They don’t make a distinction between you and I.”

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