BREAKING: Disturbing New Details Surface About Death of Eric Bolling’s Son

Last week Eric Bolling, Sr., one of the Fox News’s best-known conservative hosts, received the news that all parents most dread: his child had died.

On Friday afternoon Eric Chase, a University of Colorado Boulder student, was found in his bed, dead. Everything seemed to be in order, and there were no pills, no suicide note, or drug paraphernalia.

According to reports from TMZ, Eric Chase Bolling, Jr. had died after suffering from “emotional torture” from the severe humiliation his dad was enduring, due to his sex scandal, which involved Eric Bolling, Sr., allegedly sending unsolicited photos of male genitalia to colleagues.

On the TMZ website, articles about Eric Chase’s death report that TMZ sources stated that, “Eric Chase was ‘destroyed’ by his dad’s departure from Fox News Channel… forced out because years ago Eric Sr. had texted pics of his genitalia. Sources connected with Eric Sr. tell us he actually made the decision to part ways earlier than he wanted because he knew his son was having trouble dealing with the publicity and the embarrassment.”

While it is not yet known what caused Eric Chase’s death, many believe that it was the result of an overdose of some sort.

Reports are that the coroner is conducting toxicology and other tests to determine Eric Chase’s cause of death.