Elizabeth Warren Hit With Devastating News After Trying To Take On Trump

Over the past few months, rumors have been swirling that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been planning a presidential run for 2020 as she tries to make headlines by bashing Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, however, her presidential dreams were just shut down in a big way before they could even get off the ground.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that former Democratic National Committee chair and presidential candidate Howard Dean took a jab at Warren when he was asked by MSNBC host Joy Reid would be a “viable candidate” for president in 2020. Reid had thought that Dean might support Warren for president since she shares the same philosophy he had when he ran for president, but he wasn’t having any of it.

Dean began by saying that Democrats “need to get back to being Democrats.”

“She’d certainly be viable. I believe strongly that my generation needs to step into a coaching role and that we need to have much younger people running for president,” Dean said. “It’s very unusual to go back a generation in politics.”

He went on to explain that Barack Obama was part of a new generation and that the Democrats “went back” with their nomination of Hillary Clinton due to the legacy of the Clinton family.

“I’d like to see somebody between the age of 40 and 55 run for president of the United States and get the nomination and be the next president.” Dean said. “I wonder who that person might be. There’s plenty of good people.”

Dean is a very respected member of the Democratic Party, so for him to say that Warren is too old to run will come as a major blow to any hope she has of becoming president.

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