Elizabeth Warren Bashes Trump in Hideous Graduation Speech

When President Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University, he encouraged the students to worship God, not the government, never give up on their goals and to press on through others criticism.

Unfortunately for them, the students at University of Massachusetts in Amherst didn’t get to hear that. Instead, they got to listen to Senator Elizabeth Warren talk about drinking games and pro-abortion rantings.

Staying true to her nature, she brought politics into what was supposed to be an inspiring message for the students to take with them as they started on their individual paths.

She put down all CEOs and leaders who these students will likely be looking up to, and hopefully striving to become. She encouraged them all to become community activists for causes such as animal rights or abortion instead. She didn’t offer any advice or guidance to these students headed out into the “real world” about their lives or career paths.

Warren made sure to put in disparaging remarks about our president and the firing of the FBI Director, James Comey, saying she “can’t help myself.”

The students at the University of Massachusetts laughed at Warren, not with her, and she did them a great disservice sending them out in to the world with nothing but that.