Disturbing Announcement About Michelle Obama…

Michelle Obama has spent the last few months since leaving the White House taking various lavish vacations all over the world. Now, she has returned to the U.S. and is hoping to fund her lavish lifestyle by appearing on the paid speaking circuit, where experts say she will likely make as much as $200,000 per speech, which is the same amount that former President George W. Bush makes.

Unfortunately, an announcement was just made indicating that Michelle is already finding some serious success in her new career.

The Philly Tribune reported that just days after Michelle was announced as the keynote speaker for the 14th annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women on October 3, tickets have sold out.

“Ticket sales have surged, with more than 2,000 being sold in the day following the announcement that Mrs. Obama will appear at the Conference on Oct. 3. We are on track to sell out very shortly, with a total audience size of 12,000,” Karen Breslau, communications director for the conference, wrote in a 12:43 p.m. email on Thursday. She sent a followup at 1:19 saying, “The Conference just sold out! So please let your readers know.”

“We are honored and thrilled to have Michelle Obama, one of the most respected women in the world, join us at this year’s conference,” Leslie Stiles, board president of the Conference said in a release. “With her career-long devotion to improving the lives of children, increasing nutrition awareness and advocating for equal access to education, Michelle Obama’s impact clearly extends beyond her White House years.”

We find it sickening that people would actually pay to see Michelle speak. Millions of Americans are still struggling just to put food on the table thanks to Michelle’s husband’s policies, yet she is going to be making six figures for every personal appearance she makes. In addition, she will undoubtedly use these appearances to bash President Donald Trump.

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