Democrats Hit With HUGE ARREST

Democrats were hit with yet another arrest this week when a liberal woman who ran for president in 2016 was arrested by police.

The Fayetteville Observer reported that Quancidine Gribble, 56, has been arrested twice in 55 days after she was accused of stealing and interfering with a water company’s equipment. Gribble is currently running for mayor of Fayetteville, North Carolina after launching a small, unsuccessful bid for the presidency last year.

Gribble was arrested on misdemeanor charges by the Fayetteville Police Department on June 8 and again Tuesday. Arrest documents reveal that she was charged with larceny in June and with reconnecting disconnected utilities in the second incident.

Gribble was initially arrested in June after an Aqua employee told police that he and another employee turned off the water and removed the meter at Gribble’s house because she had not paid her water bill. She was arrested again after an Aqua employee reported that Gribble had reconnected a water line that the company had disconnected.

“Once we removed the meter, Quancidine came out of her home screaming, telling us to put the meter back,” the first arrest documents said.

Gribble has been accused of taking the meter and an encoder receiver transmitter, which is used for automatic meter readings, out of the Aqua truck and into her home.

We will update you further as this story develops.